Organizing Committee

Chairman: Dr. Youssef Al Said, MD

Chairman: Dr. Khalid Al Qadi, MD


Dear Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Medical Physicians, and residents, On behalf of the Organizing & Scientific Committee, I welcome all to this prestige event of the year

18th Pan Arab & 13th Gulf & 26th SNS Conference In Jeddah- Saudi Arabia, on 12th, 13th, & 14thh of January 2023

Our Theme: Back to the future & Reaching New Heights (With a half day of workshops especially to the new comers in Neurology)

We are indeed in a time of great innovation from different parts of the world including local participants and international locations, which will ignite conversation from movement to action. Each session will be presented in an interactive way from various presenters. I personally welcome and encourage all to attend and share in the exchange of knowledge, practice, and academic information that will be discussed. I hope that the experiences in this event will be engraved in your memory. Have a great time.


The Saudi Neurology Society, in association with the Pan Arab Union of Neurology Societies and the Gulf Neurology, will host the biggest regional neurology conference in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The society will bring together professionals in the neurosciences field interested in improving the life of neurology patients.

On behave of the organizing committee, please join us for three days of excellent medical education, cutting-edge research, and networking with peers from around the globe, along with the recent therapies and diagnostic models presented by elite exhibitors.

We look forward to extending a warm welcome to what will surely be a fantastic congress in a truly inspiring location. We welcome you all to what will undoubtedly be a terrific meeting in a truly magnificent city.


Prof. Saeed Bohlega, MD

Prof. Riadh Gouider

Dr. Suhail Alrukun, MD

Dr. Ali Alkhuthami, MD

Dr. Waleed Khoja, MD

Dr. Abdullah Al Salti, MD

Dr. Fatmah Abdullah, MD

Dr. Hassan Alhail, MD

Dr. Nasser Alzahrani, MD

Dr. Mona Obaid, MD

Dr. Eman Naseem, MD

Dr. Bandar Aljefaen, MD

Prof. Adel Misk, MD

Prof. Hicham Chafik, MD

Prof. Amina Gargoury

Prof. Ali Soliman, MD

Prof. Hatem Samir, MD

Prof. El Sayed Tag El Din, MD

Prof. Anas Jouhar, MD

Prof. Kamel Ezzeddine, MD

Prof. Ammar Mobaideen, MD

Prof. Ammar Eltahir, MD

Prof. Rashad Abdul Ghani, MD

Prof. Ali Sakal, MD

Prof. Akram Al- Mahdawi, MD

Prof. Wael Fadel, MD

Prof. Mamun Sarhan, MD

Prof. Mohammed Osama, MD

Prof. Mohammed Aletribi, MD

Prof. Magd Fouad Zakaria, MD

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