Scientific Committee

Chairman: Dr. Shireen Qureshi, MD


The field of Neurology is ever evolving and expanding. Our passion is to present best of the best in all major Neurological subspecialities. We are committied to deliver an innovative scientific program and workshops geared to novice and expret learners.

Great National, regional and international speakers will deliver cutting edge talks expertly. We are more than welcoming your attendance in person and virtually to honor the 26th SNS, 18th Pan Rab, & 13th GCC Neurology meeting.

Dr. Shireen Qureshi, MD, FRCPC.FAAN
Head of The Scientific committee

Co-Chairman: Dr. Jasem Al Hashel, MD


Dear colleagues;
It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to this phenomenal neurological conference, which combines 3 events in one conference. This includes the 18th PAN ARAB, 13th GCC and the 26th Saudi Neurological Society Meeting.

Over 3 days, this conference will cover the most updated knowledge in different neurological aspects. It will be delivered by great national and international speakers.

This is an amazing opportunity for junior and senior neurologists and residents, as well as, medical students to attend this conference in our region, which saves them the burden of traveling to such conferences happening abroad.

I highly encourage neurological societies to advocate to this conference and motivate their neurologists in their countries to attend this event.

Dr. Jasem Al-Hashel


Prof. Ashfaq Shuaib

Dr. Omar Ayob, MD

Dr. Ali Alshehri, MD - Neuromuscular Disease Chapter

Dr. Abdulrazaq Albelali, MD - Headache Disease chapter

Dr. Yaser Almalik, MD - Neuroimmunology and Demyelinating Disease Chapter

Dr. Haytham Tayeb, MD - Cognitive Disease Chapter

Dr. Areej Bushnag, MD – Women Neurology Chapter

Dr. Shahad Almoaamar, MD - Movement Disorders Chapter

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